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About Our Cars

My goal in creating this dealership was to create a dealership with quality cars under $10k that were good cars. The big dealerships that I have worked at in the past would sell $10k and below vehicles and do everything that they could not to put money into the cars. They would only do the bare minimum that was absolutely necessary to make it legal to sell the cars. All they would do was make sure the tires had tread on them and that they passed smog and that was it. There was an old saying at the big dealerships that they made very clear to the salesmen… “Once the customer buys the car, if on the way home the car breaks in half, they own both halves”. So OUR ultimate goal was to start a dealership that sells clean title, low mileage, safe, reliable and AFFORDABLE cars that would last someone a long time! We put our cars through a thorough safety inspection and if something needs to be fixed, IT GETS FIXED! All of the vehicles we sell have the safety inspection sheet available for the customer to see if desired.

We HAND PICK every car from private party sellers. All of the cars that we buy are clean title cars with carfax reports available for EVERY car that proves and verifies the mileage and history of each car. These cars are meticulously selected and we go all over California to get these cars from private party individuals. Most of the cars have maintenance records on the vehicles so that we have a better idea of where they come from and how they have been taken care of. After we get these cars from these private party individuals, we then have them inspected by a certified master mechanic who has been working on cars for more than 35 years.  The reason that we do not buy cars from the auction is because we just don’t know the history of the cars at the auction and from my experience in the car business; cars that you find at an auction are there for a reason….

We are legit!