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Customer Testimonials

  • Carl S
    This little Family owned Dealership is really as good as it gets! After spending weeks looking for a good clean title car on Craigslist without any luck.. I found Deruelles...They really go above and beyond to try and make sure the CUSTOMER is happy. They openly shared their mechanic inspection report along with the carfax on the vehicle I was interested in. Nate the Owner openly showed me what he paid for the car. When you walk into a Used car dealership, your guard is automatically up...Mine certainly was. Deruelles EARNED MY TRUST! Steve and Erik (the salesmen) are not your typical pushy salesman. Both of them were great.   I recommend this place 100 percent!

  • Brenna
    I had a great experience dealing with them there. They all were helpful. They stayed open late for us to do paperwork and test drive the car I wanted again.  The guy there not only was helpful, but was very patient with us as we made up our mind, and did all the banking for getting a car. 
    I strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a car.

  • Kimmy
    Nate and the rest of the team at Deruelle's Auto Sales are phenomenal!!  I will admit that I am not always the easiest of clientele to work with when it comes to car shopping.  I am VERY particular and pay great attention to detail.  Lucky for me, so does everyone at Deruelle's!  I had been driving by their lot for about 6 months, always peeking over to see if I liked anything.  I stopped in a few times, inquiring about different cars that I was semi interested in.  Trying to get a car I really wanted, yet a car that met my boyfriends "specifications" proved to be challenging.  However, he was the one buying it for me, so there had to be some give on my part.  Each time I stopped into Deruelle's, the staff was extremely courteous, helpful and never condescending.  I'm sure at one point these guys thought I was just pulling their chain as I always told them.. "When I find one I like, I'll be back with my boyfriend as he's buying it for me."  Even if they did think that I was full of it, they never let on.  They even had me write down what I was looking for, or what "specifications" I had, and they'd give me a call if they found anything. They stayed true to their word. Still, I couldn't find anything I liked,(well I found lots of things I liked, they just didn't fall within the budget we had set) and I was beginning to lose hope.  

    Until one day when I saw this REAL PRETTY blue Honda Civic!  I jammed home to tell my BF about it.  Little did I know, he had also seen it and had stopped by to look at it.  He told me to go test drive it tomorrow and let him know what I thought.  I took my youngest daughter with me and we drove it.. I mean REALLY DROVE IT!  Next thing I know, Nate, who did not warn me that he sometimes gets car sick, was looking a little green.  I felt terrible and apologized for driving like a crazy woman to which he said "Not a problem. So what do ya think?"  I liked it, but I didn't think I loved it :(  What I DID LOVE THOUGH, was the BOOMING STEREO SYSTEM IT HAD IN IT!  Besides my kids, MUSIC is pretty much my life!  I could never survive without it and this had to be one of the best stereo systems I'd heard.  OF course, my daughter was sold on the system alone.. She's my concert side kick a lot of the time as for the most part, we have the same taste in music.  So she was 100% in!

    After driving it again, I realized I liked it more that I previously thought. After a thorough examination of the car, I found some minor things I wanted done. There were no batteries in the remote control for the stereo, couldn't have that. The middle console didn't shut quite right, couldn't have that. The rear interior light didn't work, couldn't have that. And I'd played with the stereo so much, I'd disabled it somehow.  So we called them and Nate was soooo nice and said just to bring it on it. While they had my car, they rented me a 2014 Nissan Altima to drive until it was done.  I liked it.. and thought, how will I go from driving this back down to the Honda?  Well once I got the Honda, let me tell you, I did not feel like I was down-grading from the Altima.  I actually enjoyed driving the Honda a lot more than the Nissan.  And I've always been a Nissan Fan, my first car being a 1976 280Z 2+2, and then buying my first brand new car for myself  in 1989.. a 1989 Nissan 240SX.. w/all the extras of course!  I am now a true Honda car fan!  First and foremost, the gas mileage I get is ridiculous!  A GOOD - Ridiculous!  And then there's that booming stereo system that makes all my awesome music sound even better.  

    I owe a big THANK YOU to all the staff at Deruelle's Auto Sales!  They definitely went above and beyond in customer service when it came to the purchase of my car. Nate even stayed after close trying to help my boyfriend get the perfect financing because I insisted I had to have the car to take to the bay area the next day! Unfortunately, that bank didn't work out but Nate kept a smile on his face the entire time.  I'm sure at one point, he thought I was completely crazy and wondered if he'd ever be done with me.  Although he never led on about it.  I am so grateful and thankful for EVERYONE at Deruelle's Auto Sales!  They definitely went above and beyond to make this customer happy!  So THANK YOU NATE, SIERRA and EVERYONE there at Deruelle's! You are all amazing and you get a rating of 10 out of 5 stars in my book!

  • Ryan M
    Wow! That's the first thing I thought as I left Deruelles after buying my second car from this wonder little goldmine. Including myself and my family, we have bought 4 cars from Deruelles! I have had the honor of watching them grow over the last three years. You know a business is great if they can not only survive in this economy but flourish and grow. Everytime I come back...they have almost double in size! When I first found Deruelles they only had about 10 cars on the lot, but every car on the lot believe it or not, was a 1 owner low mileage car, and i was amazed to say the least. There was 35 cars to choose from the this last time! The owner, Nate Deruelle has developed a system of buying cars where he only buys the best of the best from private party people. Most of the cars he buys are 1 owner cars, and the part I love most is they get records for most of their cars! I have bought 2 cars from Deruelles and have loved both of them. I hated the process of buying a car in the past, and hated dealerships even more. I actually enjoy the process now, and I will be continuing to purchase all my vehicles from Deruelles and Deruelles only. They have always taken care of me, and I feel they truly care about people getting good cars. Nate as always freely allowed me to see the inspections on the cars I have bought with all the records and its very comforting. I recommend these guys to anyone and everyone. Thanks Nate and Steve for my 2004 one owner Camry with only 70k! And good luck with the mechanic shop and rental business, I'm sure those businesses will also be successful!

  • Ruth
    I was referred to Deruelle's Auto Sales by a co worker who bought a super reliable honda civic from the Deruelle's. She said that they took great care of her and that she found the perfect car for a good price and from honest people! SHE WAS RIGHT. I have been itching to trade in my car, for a newer car with less miles! They had a great selection for me and the experience of trading in my car, and getting a new one was just beautiful. I got to work with Steve, who was just a kind soul. He was very polite, great in helping me pick out the perfect car to fit all my needs. As we all know, buying a car can be so stressful. Well Steve was very easy going, not pushing me at all. Gave me the information I needed to know about each car, and let me decide for myself what was the best option which I really respected. The little office is quaint, and the lot is not over whelming but easy to maneuver. I am really glad I chose to give my business to Deruelle's Auto Sales and I will recommend them to the next person who needs an awesome and reliable car. Thanks so much Steve! It was a pleasure dear!


  • RM
    We bought my son's first car from them.  He loves it.  We were treated with respect and courtesy.  It was a very comfortable place to shop.  An honest and fair local family business.

  • Vickie
    I give a BIG 5 STAR review to Deruelle's Auto shop and to Nate and Sierra. 
    This family owed business is HONEST,  which is hard to find in the industry!! They are passionate about what they do and they do it well. They provide the best quality cars around and sell them with the best customer service.  

    Keep up the good work Deruelles-- You will have many more years of success!

  • Tara
    My husband and I purchased our van from Deruelle's Auto Sales. We refuse to do business with anyone else. They are so honest and do things with integrity - you can't say that about many auto dealers. Nate and his team took care of us from finding us our dream car, to making sure it was in perfect mechanical condition....... and the price was incredible!!! My entire family is Deruelle Auto Sales customers for life! Nate treats his customers like family. If you are in the market for your next car, look no further than Deruelle's Auto Sales.


  • Stacy and Ricky
    I recommend this place 100%, Erik was so wonderful to work with, and was very helpful. Nate, Steve and Erik provided us with spectacular service. I felt completely comfortable the entire time and the entire process of buying my Honda from them went very smooth. These guys are wonderful and excel at customer service! Thank you!!!
    Stacy and Ricky

  • Deanna
    From my first contact on the phone with Nate I had a good feeling... we live in OR where we have no sales tax, so that made our purchase a little challenging. But Nate and his team did their research and made the whole transaction run smoothly. We drove 5 hours and didn't arrive until evening and they were all there waiting for us... we felt no rush and we had a deal within an hour. No car salesman games, pain free! Then we were on our way to celebrate with a great dinner and a wonderful hotel that Erik recommended to us. These guys are great and I would not hesitate to do business with them again. We actually laughed and had fun... was the best car buying experience my husband and I have both ever had. I love my JEEP!! thank you all for everything!

  • Janis
    I was referred to this place by a friend and I'm so glad he told me about this place! They are honest and have integrity and I was completely at ease when I went there. I was looking for a car for my daughter to get to and from school and work and I found the perfect car for here here! They gave me a great deal on a great car and I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for the peace of mind that I have now!

  • Steve
    Nate mad the entire car buying experience unlike anything I have ever been through. There was no pressure, no "hey, come meet my boss" (HE IS THE BOSS!). no run-around. It is a beautifully streamlined process. Every car in the lot was fantastic, but I fell in love with an 07 Corolla. I wan't tell you the price I paid for it or I am scared you might get mad at me for getting such a great car for such an amazing price! Needless to say, if you are in the market for a car, you absolutely have to go see Nate. The best cars at the best prices with absolutely NO B.S.

  • Jesse
    HOLY SMOKES!!! Having previously and decidedly written off EVER buying a vehicle from a car dealership again, it came across as quite a surprise to find myself at Nathanael Deruelle's car dealership yesterday. However, he had EXACTLY the truck that I wanted, and he had it for WAAAAY less than anybody else, dealer OR private party. And that's just the beginning! Nate and his staff/family were all extremely helpful, honest, and down to earth. He explained everything to me even all of the required governmental mumbo jumbo that car dealers have the unfortunate responsibility of living up to. Best of all, he did not try to sell me a warranty that was designed to expire right before the car starts to have problems, as did the big Toyota dealer that I bought from previously. I know that in business, there are basically two goals- provide value for your customer, and make money. I have also learned that you can usually tell what order any business has these two goals in. The big dealership that I went to before obviously had them in the wrong order- make money first, and provide value to their customers last. Nate has them in the proper order- provide value for his customers FIRST, and make money last! I am really, truly and honestly going to recommend anyone that I know that needs a car to go talk to Nate.

  • Amanda
    This dealership in top notch. It was the worst going to the big dealerships in Sacramento. All the salesmen wanted was my money and my number :/ Nate and his salesman treated me with respect and helped me find a car that was perfect for me and my personal mobile business. I would highly recommend this family owned dealership for multiple reasons; legit and safe cars, to save money, and to help support local family businesses who are trust worthy! Thank you so much Nate! The car runs great and I'm so happy to have a reliable car again. Life can throw you curve balls and mechanics are never cheap. So i'm glad to not have only found a great, trust worthy dealership but also an experienced mechanic to use too! This is why EVERYONE should go check out Deruelle's Auto Sales! YAY for me and my new car!

  • Ivana
    Never thought a visit to a used car dealer could be so enjoyable! Thanks Nate & Steve for an amazing experience of buying a pre-owned car! Never thought I'd say that! So glad we were led to your business for our daughter's first car purchase! Your honesty and integrity could not be missed. You are a gem in a sea of chaos! I know where we'll be heading for any future purchases!

  • Jeff
    My old car broke down and completely died on my and was desperately in need of a car. I called Deruelle's and told them how much I was hoping to pay for a car and within hours they had shown me my options and found me the perfect replacement car! Nate and his staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their cars and sales! Even after I bought the car, Nate called me to explain how he had been misinformed by his mechanic and that I would need to have my transmission fluid changed. without hesitation he offered to give me $100 back to help pay for the service because he felt it wasn't right that I was misinformed. Great service, and great customer care! I highly recommend using Deruelle's! Thank you guys!

  • Lou Hoffman
    My grandson, Jeff, recently bought a car from you folks. You gave us all the information you had on the cars he was looking at without any BS. You were very patient with us and did a great job of making it as pleasant an experience as possible. Thanks.
    Lou Hoffman

  • Geri
    Wow! My son's car died and he desperately needed a car ASAP! I called Deruelle's (actually, I called Sierra, Nate's wife) and they were so accommodation! We told them a price range and he found us a car, and within hours we were out of there with the new previously owned car!It was amazing, and they were easy to deal with and not the hard sale of a typical salesperson. I have several kids and will definitely use them in the future. Nate also told us how and for what price to sell the car we did have! So helpful. The salesperson we had initially, Steve was awesome as was Erik. Thanks guys, totally appreciate your help and your honesty!

  • David
    Nate it was a pleasure doing business with you and we love out new car. It was the kind of deal we were looking for. I really appreciate your sincerity and desire to do good in the world, even as a used car salesman... ha ha. Good luck to you and your family I pray you will be able to accomplish your goal of starting orphanages where they are needed most. keep up the good work, I will let you know when my daughter is ready to find her truck.
    Thanks, David 

  • Gabriel Kimborough
    I had my car listed on CL for a while with no luck of selling it. Nate called me and offered to broker the deal for me so I figured i'd give it a shot. Within a week Nate was able to find a buyer and sell my car for what I was asking. He made it super easy and already knew the details of the transaction which was a great because it was a non traditional sale since I was leasing the car. Nate was a lifesaver! thanks!
    Gabriel Kimborough

  • Pam
    My first experience with Nate was over the phone after my car had been totaled in a car accident. I was looking for a car on Craigslist. Nate really helped me with my car purchase even though it wasn't with him. There were so many things that I was not aware of in purchasing a used car. he freely told me all of the different charges and about what I would need to do in regards to DMV, even though I wasn't buying a car from him. He really helped me out and what a truly nice person. I told him after I made my car purchase with someone else, that I would keep him in mind when my daughter was ready to buy her next used car. Well my daughter and I went straight to Nate's shop and we got a really nice Honda Civic and we have nothing but great things to say about Nate and his team. I will recommend them to everyone I know. "God Bless you Nate".

  • Mark
    My wife and I were looking for a used Civic or Corolla when we found Deruelle's in Shingle Springs. I'm glad we did! Nate, the owner, was great to work with. His honesty and integrity were refreshing, and the buying process was pleasant (unlike your typical, high pressure dealership scenario). Nate freely shared his vehicle inspection sheet, carfax and maintenance records he had on the vehicle we purchased. If you are looking for a used vehicle, I recommend this dealership.

  • D. Lane
    ONE OF THE FEW AUTO DEALERSHIPS YOU CAN TRUST! So I'm in the military and I came back home for two weeks after a long deployment w/ money saved up to buy a car. after wasting time with scam-ridden Craigslist, I was pointed in the direction of Nate Deruelle and his dealership. I am usually skeptical of auto dealers but now after going to Deruelle's I can honestly say there is no way I would have gotten the car that I love had it not been for Nate Deruelle. It is a family owned business that takes pride in honesty, integrity, and sound knowledge of the auto industry. I recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a car with a legit history and a hassle free experience.
    D. Lane

  • Jim
    Best little dealership ever, saved me time and a LOT OF MONEY!!!

  • Donna B.
    When you purchase a vehicle from a private party there is inherently less stress involved because you aren't walking into the lion's den like you do at a car dealership. and yet, technically, this "IS" a car dealership but they manage to pull off giving their customers an experience as if they are purchasing from a private party... with the icing on the cake being the professionalism they also exhibit to sweeten the experience! I found them through a craigslist ad they had up, and promptly received a phone call from Erik (with a K, btw) around 6pm to my inquiry... setting up an appointment for the next day, Sunday. Unfortunately, I had a limited budget... but they worked with me so I could get the Kia Soul that I so badly wanted and needed ... and in the exact color I was hoping for... and it was in great shape! the whole process was so pleasant and stress-free... and Nate and Erik were sincerely friendly and helpful, without the usual stereotype behavior that you normally affix to car salesmen that I had to keep reminding myself that I was actually at a car dealership! I never felt pressured, or that I was being given the run around... or felt a need t put up any guard or participate in the normal "car buying/car selling" games as is commonly the case with dealerships. I drove 3 hours today to purchase my vehicle, and am over-the-moon happy with both the purchase and the customer service. Drive a little and save a lot on a quality used vehicle... where they do all the work for you in thoroughly checking it out (and fixing it, if need be) so you know exactly what you are getting straight up! In summary, these guys seem to genuinely care about their customers... with a very zig ziglar approach... and I am grateful that I found them!
    Donna B.

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